Next LPC Anime Portrait

Next LPC Anime Portrait

Inspired by @william.thompsonj I am commissioning a variety of anime portrait art to pair with LPC characters.  They are to be used for my RPG game maker for iOS, on iOS.

I have already posted some of the commissioned art here. I will be commissioning another 20 more pieces.  Each portrait would have 4 or more expression.


As you are the target audience for my app, I would love to hear your ideas on what kind of anime portrait you would like to see.


1) generate an LPC character using the LPC generator.  Cut-n-paste just the front pose.

2) Give a description of some of the personality trait or history.  This gives the artist more context to add details to the portrait.  E.g. "Arrogant elven commander.  Icy cold look but pretty.  Had to work very hard to be in her position now."


Look forward to your suggestions! :)


Development blog: 


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