Nucleagacy - new puzzle / action game first alpha release

Nucleagacy - new puzzle / action game first alpha release

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I finished a first alpha release of my godot game Nucleagacy
It is about cleaning the environment from radioactive waste, the core idea inspired by minilens, but also by games, and there are enemies you need to avoid. Usually you are not able to get rid of the enemies, like in most platformers.

In nucleagacy you have to use different tools to solve the level, these tools can be taken / attached to the player and used for pulling objects, pushing heavier objects, grinding stone piles to dust or clean radioactive puddles. For a better understanding just watch the first video.

The initial idea was to understand (and learn) godot 4, for example how far it is away to use it for a production and where the issues are. It was almost a year in a prototype state and I liked the Idea of the game so much, now I have already Ideas for the future, something like a story mode with a world map, and different environments later on, including more industrial areas or a place where everything is destroyed by a nuclear meltdown

Finally I really wont to thank Alexandr Zhelanov for the great music used in my videos and planned to use as soundtracks in the future too


gameplay video

level timelapse



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