Obok and Gossip

Obok and Gossip

I just entered my game(s). You can alsp find the tarball at


I am particularly happy that I have been able to make a platformer from the art assets. I did not realize it was possible at all until July 19.

From the README:

This is the Liberated Pixel Cup code phase entry of Mark Weyer.
It consists of two games (in one executable), because I had more than one idea
but not enough time for more than two ideas.

The first game, Obok, is a classical space-shooter, time-reversed and rethemed
to take place in a Victorian steampunk bio-engineering facility. It is
non-violent except for violence towards the player.

The second game, Gossip, is a reversed-gravity platformer, featuring the ususal
moving platforms and monsters. It is set in a Victorian village and is
completely non-violent but encumbered by stereotypes. It is insanely hard (in
the good tradition of platformers generally), so I encourage LPC judges to
enable cheating (see below) lest they don't see half of the game otherwise.