OGA Game Jam - Results!

OGA Game Jam - Results!

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Here are the results of the OpenGameArt Game Jam!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that participated in this event and taking the time to create some great looking and sounding games with the assets here on OGA!. This was the first jam I have hosted, and jam i have took part in, so thank you all for your help and making it a pleasure to do. I hope you all were happy with how it was put together. :)

Congratulations to all: 

#1 =  Red Voxel "Arrows of Love"  https://red-voxel.itch.io/arrows-of-love

#2 = VinnNo "WitchyBizness" https://vinnno.itch.io/witchybizness

#3 = SparedRay "OnionMan" https://sparedray.itch.io/onionman

#4 = CodeChomper "OGA Jam Science  Platformer" https://codechomper.itch.io/cga-jam-science-platformer

#5 = Phantum66 "The Deciding Factor" https://phantum66.itch.io/the-deciding-factor

#6 = Chasersgaming "Never a Doll day" yay! :) https://chasersgaming.itch.io/never-a-doll-day-

#7 = djbigworm "Marty McFlea Back to the Present" https://djbigworm.itch.io/marty-mcflea-back-to-the-present

#8 = MedicineStorm "Celestite" https://medicinestorm.itch.io/celestite

#9 = Stackboot "TailGunner" https://stackboot.itch.io/tailgunner

#10 = Cem Kalyoncu "Robmun" https://cemkalyoncu.itch.io/robmun

#11 = withthelovestudios "Instant Pixel Palette Scramble" https://capbros.itch.io/instant-pixel-palette-scramble

#12 = Stynn[o333] "Agrief: Forgotten Lands" https://styno333.itch.io/agrief

#13 = The GamerX "Knight Warrior VS Zombies" https://thegamerx.itch.io/opengame

#14 = Malik "Fate Saga" https://outentiq.itch.io/fatesagarpg1

#15 = xmzhang "Duckshooting" https://xmzhang.itch.io/duckshooting

#16 = Planet Killer "Simulacra" https://planetkiller.itch.io/simulacra

#17 = jnmaloney "Gamedev Dungeon" https://jnmaloney.itch.io/gamedev-dungeon


The results page can be found here with all the info:


thank you to Jupitor Hadley who did a video on his YouTube channel covering the games on the jam.



Well done everyone! your all winners! :)