Open Pixel Platformer

Open Pixel Platformer

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Join this ambitious collaboration project!

Way back over at there was a plan for a community build pixel art game. Many artists joined in and many assets were created but lack of organisation put all the work to waste.
Today I present you a brand new attempt, the Open Pixel Platformer. The aim is to create a CC licensed pixel art set usable for 'generic' platform games. If this turns out to be a success we could even try and take next steps and build an actual game with the community!

Over the last two months many discussions have been taking place with many PJ members. A style was chosen, DawnBringer has published his DB32 palette for us and art is being submitted as we speak!
Here in the 'jungle set' there are already many contributors, but feel free to discuss, edit & improve or create new assets for it.

Specifically I would like to invite all of you to help with the creation of a 'village set', which only started a few days ago!

Please note that everything submitted to this project will be licensed CC-BY 3.0 , which means that anyone can use your artwork for any purpose and modify it, as long as they attribute you as the original creator.

If you are interested in contributing, please have a look at the style guide and reply to the village set thread with your contributions!

Interesting links:
General discussion thread
Style guide & style discussion thread
Jungle set at PJ
Village set
Cave set over at Pixelation

Join the fun, and let's show the world what we pixel artists can do!

Feel free to discuss and submit art in this thread at OGA as well, though it might take me a bit longer to find and update everything. Perhaps people could do suggestions how it would be easy to keep track of files, updates etc in such a way that the community can update the database by itself? Forum posts take a lot of manual work and get chaotic after a lot of submissions.