Questions about the coding phase...

Questions about the coding phase...

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I'm sick at home, plenty of spare time, so why not enter the coding contest :D 

So far:

  • Had a look at the rules. Twice. They're a bit vague IMO.
  • I've downloaded and had a look through the available art.
  • I've come up with an idea for a game.
  • My game idea is original and unusual (I think - google search found nothing) 
  • It's not a tetris clone, a shoot-em up, an MMORPG or an RPG (hah!)
  • Pretty much all the art I require is available in the available art, will have to chop out the parts I need and catalog it... 
  • I've picked my technology. (html5 + javascript)
  • I will not be using existing code. (Easy, never written a game in javascript before ;)
  • I've sketched out some screens and drawn up some models for the data structures that I will need.
  • I've looked at what some other people are developing...
  • (Note to self: keep the game small and simple, restrain your scope, most important goal is to have something that is finished and playable) 

But now...I want to enter the contest and start coding...

  1. What's the next step here?
  2. How do I enter? 
  3. Where do I register that I have started?
  4. Do I just develop the whole game on my personal PC and then submit it in one go when I'm done? 
  5. Do I set up a publicly accessible code repository and submit code once in a while?