Questions about tileset formating

Questions about tileset formating

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Hey, guys! I have a few questions about tilesets! Hope you can help me out.

So, I have been making pixel art for a few years now, but I mostly didn't make my own games with it, I just made pixel art assets to share with others. To make sure that my assets work properly, I usually use RPG Maker, because it is pretty plug-and-play, so I can test out tiles and animations in a few minutes. Now, this means that I have gotten used to formating my assets, especially sprites in a formate that RPG Maker understands.

For tiles that can be used to form curves, usually ground tiles, RPG Maker uses the so called autotile formate that looks like this:

Now, for anyone that doesn't use RPG Maker, this is probably not ideal, because the engine splits the tiles into quarter tiles and recombines these quarters in a very unintuitive way in order to make all possible tile combinations in engine. And, since I want to make my assets accessible for people using all kinds of engines, I want to also export such tiles in formats that are more useful to them.
So my question is: Which formats are most common/useful to you guys?

One I have seen used fairly often is this one:

Or this one, where all possible combinations (or all combinations that make sense for the tiles in question) are somewhat spread out like this:

Do you guys have strong preferences? Or do you not care that much as long as you can somewhat easily understand the layout?

Also, how about animated tiles, like water? How do you prefer the different frames of all these distinct tile variations to be formatted?

Kind of like this, where it follows that typical layout but each frame of the animation is a whole set and the sets are laid next to each other?

Or is there another typical formate for these cases that I just am not aware of?

I hope you guys can follow my rambling and have some pointers for me :)

autotile-mv-cobblestone-gras.png autotile-mv-cobblestone-gras.png 1.9 Kb [5 download(s)]
tiles-formate2.png tiles-formate2.png 1.2 Kb [1 download(s)]
tiles-formate1.png tiles-formate1.png 1.3 Kb [3 download(s)]
calm-water-autotiles-anim.png calm-water-autotiles-anim.png 6.8 Kb [2 download(s)]