RPG Enemy Project

RPG Enemy Project

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Hello everyone,

If you've spent any time on the IRC, or watched the gallery over the years, or looked at about a half of my submissions, you probably know that I've been working on a cumulative set of static, in-battle, CC-By-licensed RPG enemy sprites for quite some time now.  If you didn't know that, well, hah!  I finally got you!  You evaded my persistent talking about it until now, but no longer!

The project recently hit a high note with the collaborative dragon set (here: http://opengameart.org/content/rpg-enemies-11-dragons). While in the past I've had fun releasing bits at a time without too much buildup, or with only a bit of IRC discussion, I think the set is at the point where it might benefit from a bit more centralization.  Hence this thread, which I hope will provide a bit more structure.

One thing in particular that the set needs is good recolors.

This is kind of a necessary feature for a lot of games, which will get 3x the value out of monsters by reusing them with palette swaps (also for tradition's sake, and because they're pretty fun to do).  I am hoping there will be something like two alternate palettes for each monster.

The set is very much open to contributions from anyone.  Pieces might be edited for compatibility if necessary, but there's a fair amount of stylistic flexibility.  The biggest requirement is that they must be CC-By compatible--while CC-By does have some issues, consistency in licensing is paramount to usability.  If and when a better option comes along, I'll do my best to get the entire set ported over.

Concept art is great too, and very useful.  Feel free to link appropriately-licensed concepts that you would like adapted.  Requests in general are also welcome, though I can't make any guarantees.

So, currently the set contains 67 enemies, representing contributions from 9 artists.


See who did what!  http://i.imgur.com/s7dXXoX.png

One last thing: the set could use a name, and I don't have any ideas ATM.  Please post any good ideas for that.

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