Simple Spaceshooter Art for Open Source Project

Simple Spaceshooter Art for Open Source Project

Hi Folks.

I am happy I found this page and a lot of content here. However, except for 2 Asteroids and some Ships I did not find anything suitable.

So I would like to ask if anyone would be interested in helping me to make a playable demo for my project. I thought of a simple Topdownshooter, since my Project is a 2D GameEngine.The demo will be updated when my project gets new features.

For now, I have these things in mind:

- PlayerShip

- 2-3 different Enemies

- 3 different Weapons with Sound (Ball, Beam, Projectile)

- Background

- Asteroid

- 3 different Powerups (Health, Double Damage, Double Points)

- Parallax Background that consists of 2 Images with Stars which will be animated.

I will need them in .png with transparency in the alpha channel.

I really hope that anyone can help me. However, I will start programming today, if you want a playable Prototype first, let me know. But Programmer Art sucks when it comes to demos :D.

If someone wants to do a small Job only, I can also use a ProjectLogo that suits the Name of my Project instead of my Happy Bean :D. I have a Lighttower in mind, with a visible Lightbeam in the Night. Or something like that. Or a Lantern etc.

Contact me here or via scorcher24 (aht) gmail (doohhhht) com, or on my website. I am also on steam with the same nick.

Thanks for reading.