Space Memory 3D inspired by the OGA

Space Memory 3D inspired by the OGA

Space Memory for android and ios

Happy to present you the game inspired by the OGA.  Sadly, i cant find planets i need on the OGA, so i created it myself and published today :) This is all the planets that i make and use in the Space Memory:


Now about the game:


How many objects at the same time can your brain keep in memory? Two? Three? Five? Challenge your memory in mesmerising space trade simulator. Usual type of game with memory cards becomes a truly addictive and challenging in three-dimensional space. We have colorful unique planet instead boring cards backs, and randomised space landscapes on the background.


- Look for a pair of identical goods ("to sell" and "to buy"), to earn money

- Train your memory to spend less and earn more

- Control the camera with taps, multitouch and phone movements (game supports both landscape and portrait orientation)


- Three-dimensional space game

- The spread of difficulties games from the "sandbox" to "hardcore"

- Colorful planet, unusual goods, fascinating cosmic landscapes

- The incredible beauty of the music Sad Radio on Cassini


We wish you good luck. Believe in yourself and never stop!