The Heavens (due September 10)

The Heavens (due September 10)

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Summer was so busy I blanked the site for a while. But the art challenge is back just to see what the assembled masses want to make with this latest theme:

"The Heavens"

We just had the total eclipse, and I was lucky enough to live right under it. It was inspiring. It brings to mind things celestial and majestic, Or, in other words, game art! (Yeah, you had to know this was coming.)

Think up anything you like that fits that descriptive phrase and submit it to the site. Be literal, be figurative, go far and go wide. There are billions upon billions of possibilities. Whatever you come up with that theme that could work in a game. Art, music, textures, what-have-you.

The challenge runs from Monday, August 28, to Sunday, September 10. You can start planning early or even start putting it together, but please don't submit it until the two weeks it is officially open for entries. That's right, you have an extra week to do it this time. It's an experiment.

You can post submissions to the regular art page but tag them Challenge and Heavens. Including other tags based upon the content of your submission is also encouraged, of course. Tags don't require hashtags, because, well, we're not Twitter. Please link to your submission in this thread as well if you would so we can know what's what.