The Manor (tenative name) progress thread

The Manor (tenative name) progress thread

Hey there, some of you might know I submitted some art for the first part of LPC, and now I am participating in part 2.

I probably won't finish this game in time to enter as I just started learning how to do all this this month, but I will still try to finish this game regardless.

This game will be lovecraft-inspired. The player goes to this big house to investigate or something. Then they start discovering weird books with rituals for summoning the elder gods and stuff and discover the previous owner had already begun the process, so the player must search around for clues, evading monsters who attack your health and sanity, and reading books to gain arcane knowledge for sealing the gate opened in the house.

Main gameplay will be puzzle solving, evading monsters, finding and putting together clues, and a typing game associated with the arcane books.

keeping a blog about it here:

I am writing this game in Python, using pygame. I will probably also use several other libraries for pygame.

So far I have made a player controlable character out of my professor sprite and an enemy using the skeleton sprite which moves randomly.

I have a lot more to figure out as far as collisions and map creations.

Also, if anyone has tips or solutions for problems I am having, I am completely open to advice and criticsm, as I said, I am extremely new to this.