TrackVerse v0.1 (Alpha) released @

TrackVerse v0.1 (Alpha) released @

Hi guys,

Just to let you know that TrackVerse Alpha v0.1 is finally ready for download :D. It is still an early work in progress but the player will be able to build their own tracks and race on LAN or internet play provided that they know the host's IP address. To download it visit

Don't forget to visit the Tutorials and FAQs sections for more info.

About TrackVerse

TrackVerse is a game about building your own dream tracks and racing on them with friends. Build tracks from different building block themes. Customize your own racing gameplay rules to make your own race experience unique! Currently in alpha stage version 0.1, TrackVerse is still a work in progress with many more updates and theme packs coming along the way and does not in any way represent the final quality or polish. What you see is what you get. Feel free to provide feedback on helping us improve the game.

Currently available theme packs:

    City theme pack
    Post apocalyptic theme pack
    Cartoon theme pack
    Sunken city theme pack


Done using: Ogre3d, Blender3d, Gimp, Bullet Physics