Traps and Treasures submission

Traps and Treasures submission

I hope everyone is having a fun time with the LPC programming competition. My submission is titled Traps and Treasures (not to be confused by an Amiga game with the same name).

The code will be found at the following address:

Keep in mind that my game is/was designed for my kids to play (ages 4 and 5) but I hope to add new features to the game well past the LPC competition. With that being said, the following are the current features that can be played today!

* Single player and multiplayer (LAN) supported! (as many as your computers can handle for now)

* Multiple choices to characters to choose from (all from LPC artwork, currently 11 characters offerred)

* Lots of treasures and treasure chests (all from LPC artwork)

* Easy to edit and create new maps (and add new Tilesets) without changing code base


Traps and Treasures (or TnT - its dynamite!) makes use of the following open source programs:

SFML,, (license MIT)

GQE, (license MIT, my game engine base)

GQP, (license MIT, my quick and easy IDE solution tool)

TmxParser, (license New BSD, for parsing Tiled TMX files)

zlib, (license zlib, used by TmxParser)

tinyXml,, (license zlib, used by TmxParser)

Tiled, (license ???, open-source tile editor)


The following is a screen shot taken today from my PC showing that

Screenshot of TnT in action