Use in a certain contest..?

Use in a certain contest..?

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Hai, I'm new here - well, in the sense that I just registered my account despite lurking around for awhile beyond today.

I've always been interested in using the LPC assets, whether for random game-making fun or as placeholders.

Today I found myself looking at them again, and I thought about a contest coming up, and how my boyfriend won't have any time for graphics, etc.

The Indie Game Maker Contest 2015 is starting July 7th, 2015, and no matter how many times I read the lisences given by the artists for the LPC assets, I'm am unsure of one thing: Is it possible to use these tiles for a game being made for the contest linked in this paragraph?

There is a cash prize, but like most contests, no one knows if they will win.

Thanks for any replies!