Using GPL-incompatible free library

Using GPL-incompatible free library


Suppose that in the code phase I use a library which is under a free-as-in-freedom license which happens to be incompatible with the GPL 3. The way I think it works is as follows.

The LPC requires me to license my submission under the GPL 3. Which I can do as I am the sole author (unless the other license has strange restrictions).

Everybody else can't do much with that submission due to the incompatibility. They could make use of modified versions, though, which cut out the library.

But by dual-licensing my submission, for example (GPL 3 | WTFPL), I can turn it into free software while still obeying the requirements of the LPC. Then people could just chose to receive it under the WTFPL and do whatever the want with it. And as the recipients have all the freedoms meant to be guaranteed by the GPL 3, I am still within the spirit of the rules, not only their letter.

Now, did I get that right?