Weekly Challenge: Share the Love (due Feb. 19)

Weekly Challenge: Share the Love (due Feb. 19)

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Our next theme is topical with Valentine's Day coming up but a little bit different than the others:

"Share the Love"

OGA is a place where art is free to use, but it's rare to have a submission that covers quite everything necessary to have a complete game. You can combine submissions by some of our artists and get closer, but there's always going to be an angle that people miss. This challenge will helpfully help alleviate that problem somewhat.

The goal here is to choose a submission elsewhere on this site that you would like to add something to in order to strengthen how it could be used in a game. So what do I mean? Here are some ideas:

Take a static image and add animations. Add different objects, colors, sizes, and so forth to give more variety. Work with the same palette to make similar items, or make a whole new version with a different palette or art style. Make 2-D versions of common angles and sizes of a chosen 3-D contribution. Make a boss or sidekick to play off the character that is already there and looks similar in art style to be used but different enough to be useful.

You'll also notice that even non-artists can work on this one. Modifying something that's already there can be a whole lot easier than making something from scratch. But if you are good at art, your contribution can be that much more interesting.

Please post submissions to the regular art page but tag them Challenge and Share the Love. (Tags can be multiple words as long as the phrase is before a comma. Other tags based upon your submission are encouraged, of course. You shouldn't use hashtags in front because our search routine is different from how Twitter works.) Your art page should also link to the orignal artist's page for the contribution you adapted as well as a link to yours on their comment page. And link to your submission in this thread as well if you would so we can be alerted to it.

Remember to at least copy the original license with yours. It must folllow whatever the original has for conditions. I'm mainly trying to make it so nobody puts a CC0 license on something that was adapted from a CC-By piece of artwork, for example. If you'd rather not use a specific license, then pick some other contribution to work with. There are enough submissions here that there would always be something else. (And you can use any submission to the site, not just art challenge material, in case you were wondering.)

The official week of challenge submissions runs from Monday the 13th through Sunday the 19th, but you have plenty of time to find the artwork you would like to adapt and think about what you want to do with it. And I'm sure nobody cares if you start early, it's just we have to have a deadline some time to declare a winner. Anyone can vote by marking the submissions they like as a favorite, and a week after it ends the favorites will be tallied up. So on the 26th we'll announce the winner.