Weekly Challenge: Surt's Scraps (due March 26)

Weekly Challenge: Surt's Scraps (due March 26)

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The art challenge is back, so hold onto your hats. The theme for the next one (and thanks to Danimal for reminding me) is:

"Surt's Scraps"

In case you haven't found it, there's a great resource available on OGA that's a series of CC0 artwork but that (mostly, I think there's an couple exceptions) doesn't have individual art pages. It can be found here in our forum section: http://opengameart.org/forumtopic/cc0-scraps

Surt is a prolific artist here, and these pages contain his work that is unsorted or otherwise not up to his standards for an art page. It varies from doodles all the way up to basically full fledged art packs. It's all CC0, or public domain, so it can be reused in any way.

The challenge is to adapt something he contributed to this section (he also has art elsehwere, but please don't touch that for this challenge) and elevate it to something with its own page. Combine different pieces of art to add more flexibility. Add animations. Contribute art that works with it. Be inspired. Heck, make music you think would go along with what you chose. This is a starting point to do whatever you come up with.

You have a little extra time to try to page through it all (three long pages at last count) to decide what to work with, and then the challenge runs from Monday, March 20, to Sunday, March 26.

Please post submissions to the regular art page but tag them Challenge and Surt's Scraps. (Tags can be multiple words as long as the phrase is before a comma. Other tags based upon your submission are encouraged, of course. You shouldn't use hashtags in front because we're not Twitter, but tweet it separately if you want.) Your art page should also link to the original forum page so more people can find it. And link to your submission in this thread as well if you would so we can be alerted to it.