Wild West Cowboy walking Animation Request!?

Wild West Cowboy walking Animation Request!?

Im writing/coding a Game with a Wild West theme, so i thought id use OenGameArt
to search for some Wild West pics .. Its a remake of an old ZX Spectrum game

called "The Wild Bunch"

And, wondered if any of u would help create some wild west art for me, for my game .?
When its finished, im hoping to deploy it on all major devices so id give u some mention .?

Soo.. What am i after ? .. Basically ..

Ive had a look round and theres some fantastic art that id wished id come here earlier

because, ive created a crude Town scene and crude Map and also a cool Parallax scrolling

'Walking' inbetween towns Scene .. but im just after a Cowboy Walking Animation

Ive been doing a kinda Dev Diary on Instagram of my progress .. >

https://instagram.com/mozzy31   (Ignore he other pics!!)

Please help, Im rubbish at Drawing/Art! Click here to enlarge

Thanks in Advance! Click here to enlarge