WIP household & factory stuff

WIP household & factory stuff

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I'm dropping this here for now, since it's not finished, but I went out of steam for my last pixel phase.
That means, I'll probably take it up again on my next one.
It could basically be used like this, my remixes are all licensed cc by-sa 3.0, but definitely needs some further polishment.

Based on:
microwave (CC-BY 4.0)
bulletin-board-and-items (OGA-BY 3.0)
factory-tileset (CC0) [pc, assembly belts]
misc-household-items-and-more (CC0) [pool table]
office-furniture-64-x-128-isometric (CC-BY 3.0) [angled pc, desk chair legs]
lpc-wooden-furniture (CC-BY-SA 3.0) [top of desk chair, stuff in the preview map]
LPC Base Assets (CC-BY-SA 3.0) [soldiers in the preview for scale]

Not yet used:
indoor-office-appliances (CC0)
old-computer-hardware (CC0) [could be used as external drives]
usb-flash-drive (CC0)
fridge (CC-BY 4.0) [could be merged with cupboards]
oven (CC-BY 4.0) [could be merged with current ovens]
space-scifi-rpg-tiles-48x48 (CC0) [vending machine]
sci-fi-object-set (CC0) [vending machine]
sci-fi-console-screen (CC-BY-SA 3.0) [displays]

test.png test.png 31.4 Kb [1 download(s)]
hauntedall_lpc.png hauntedall_lpc.png 1.2 Kb [1 download(s)]
factory_tileset_0.png factory_tileset_0.png 1.9 Kb [3 download(s)]
tileobjectsofficefurniture_lpc.png tileobjectsofficefurniture_lpc.png 466 b [1 download(s)]
wood_only.png wood_only.png 671 b [1 download(s)]
bulletin_board_lpc.png bulletin_board_lpc.png 1.1 Kb [1 download(s)]
microondas_lpc.png microondas_lpc.png 270 b [1 download(s)]