Sandstone tiles - T_Tile_Sandstone_02_4096_ND.png

Sandstone tiles - T_Tile_Sandstone_02_4096_ND.png

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Texture Dimensions: 
T_Tile_Sandstone_02_4096_ND.png T_Tile_Sandstone_02_4096_ND.png 24.6 Mb [383 download(s)]
Texture Pack Description: 

This is a texture I created for my game. Created with 3DS Max and Zbrush. It has: 

Diffuse Map
Height Map (Perfect)
Normal Map (Shape and detail, both perfect) 
Ambient Occlusion Map (Perfect)
Specular Map (Kinda low quality)

Detailed normal map is seperate so that it can be mixed however you like. All maps are 4096x4096, perfectly tiling. Original renders were 8192x8192, downscaled to prevent aliasing.

Preview pictures are 512x512 PNGs, no need to download bigger ones if that size is enough for you.

Files are in 4096x4096 PNG format.

Added preview shots from UDK (2 Jpeg, 2 Gif)