Planet Textures - RedPlanetAnimationClouds.png

Planet Textures - RedPlanetAnimationClouds.png

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redplanetanimationclouds.png redplanetanimationclouds.png 4.5 Mb [82 download(s)]
Texture Pack Description: 

This is are 2 large high resolution textures for another planet for use in a 3D program.

One is the cloud layer, the other one the surface. Put 2 spheres inside each other, one being smaller than the other one. You will get a nice atmosphere effect.

And if anyone could make me an animation of that and add it to opengameart under CC0, I would be highly thankful :).

(Don't use the preview files, they are low res)

Btw, here is the final animation with a blend for you: