Water Caustics Effect - caust_012.png

Water Caustics Effect - caust_012.png

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Texture Dimensions: 
caust_012.png caust_012.png 45 Kb [40 download(s)]
Texture Pack Description: 

This is a 16-frame pre-rendered water caustics animation.

Now, I know that this is an effect that can be done via shader scripts on the GPU, but not everybody knows how to do that and not everybody wants to make a game that requires a beefy GPU.

Provided are three sets of images -- the raw frames and two assembled texture atlases, one with an alpha channel and one without.

The atlas without an alpha channel is intended for use with a multiply type blend mode (forget the exact blend funcs needed but it's pretty straight forward).

Anyway, hopefully someone finds these useful.

Texture Attribution Info: 
I only really care if this effects texture has been useful to somebody. So... if you do use this, drop me a line if/when you have a chance!