2 tilling wood panel textures - wood tex1_0.png

2 tilling wood panel textures - wood tex1_0.png

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Texture Dimensions: 
wood tex1.png wood tex1.png 1.8 Mb [576 download(s)]
Texture Pack Description: 

Just two hopefully tiling textures, made from a photo I took a while back during the summer holidays.

I've also uploaded the picture of the door incase anyone can make a better texture out of it or needs a whole door texture.

Tilling textures are around 2500x500px and door image is 4000x3000px unfortunately the door image is a jpg however it should e high enough resolution to make up for any loss of detail.


Texture Attribution Info: 
Attribution is not necessary however if you would like to credit me please do so as either Daniel Stephens or Scribe and a link back to OGA is always appreciated!