Terrain Textures - Vegetation and Humus (Tiled 512px) - 512x_foliage_fine01.png

Terrain Textures - Vegetation and Humus (Tiled 512px) - 512x_foliage_fine01.png

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512x_foliage_fine01.png 512x_foliage_fine01.png 668 Kb [505 download(s)]
Texture Pack Description: 

These tiled, 512px terrain textures were originally created as mapmaking resources for the oldschool Bungie games Myth, Myth II, and (non-Bungie) Myth III.  My hope is that they can be used for many other things as well.

Our mapmaking guild was called bloody mud, and was active from 2001-2005.  All our mapmaking resources were created from scratch.  Because Myth III in particular blended textures together, our textures were often a bit higher in contrast than others you may find, so as to bring out clear detail in a lower-res game.  

This set is one of several Terrain Texture sets planned for submission.  Sadly, the Vegetation and Humus set is the only one for which 512px tiles were completed: the rest will be more raw terrain texture sources for further adaptation.

Textures of each terrain type are similar in character and nature, because they were intended to blend and provide slight visual variety in harmony with one-another, rather than clash with one-another.

Although these resources were developed for other purposes, all my prior work is now being channeled into a CC BY-SA worldbuilding project called Vessel.  Thus this project is included in my Attribution request, along with my name.

 - aqaraza- http://vessel.cc

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Please Include the following text: CC BY-SA 3.0 -- Heath Rezabek -- Vessel CC -- http://vessel.cc