Terrain Textures 02 - Mud, Clay, Silt (Tiled 512px and Raw) - IMG_1881.png

Terrain Textures 02 - Mud, Clay, Silt (Tiled 512px and Raw) - IMG_1881.png

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Texture Pack Description: 

The raw textures here were created and used to make 512px tiling textures, also included.  (There are fewer tiles than raw textures: see what you can make of the raw materials!)

The tiled, 512px terrain textures were originally created as mapmaking resources for the oldschool Bungie games Myth, Myth II, and (non-Bungie) Myth III.  My hope is that they can be used for many other things as well.

Our mapmaking guild was called bloody mud, and was active from 2001-2005.  All our mapmaking resources were created from scratch.  Because Myth III in particular blended textures together, our textures were often a bit higher in contrast than others you may find, so as to bring out clear detail in a lower-res game.  

This set is one of several Terrain Texture sets planned for submission.  See also:



Textures of each terrain type are similar in character and nature, because they were intended to blend and provide slight visual variety in harmony with one-another, rather than clash with one-another.

Although these resources were developed for other purposes, all my prior work is now being channeled into a CC BY-SA worldbuilding project called Vessel.  Thus this project is included in my Attribution request, along with my name.


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Please Include the following text: CC BY-SA 3.0 -- Heath Rezabek -- Vessel CC -- http://vessel.cc