Hand-drawn Texture Pack - roadcorner.png

Hand-drawn Texture Pack - roadcorner.png

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Texture Pack Description: 

The textures I made for my LD33 Game Jam entry.

Preview image shows individual textures collected in the pack, as well as a screenshot of how they appear in game.

Pack includes:

  • handrawn tilabe floor (pavement-ish looking texture)
  • handrawn tilable roadkit; straight, corner, crossroad.
  • 4 x mousecursor targetting reticules
  • 2 x particle alphas; one for 'laser beams', one for 'explosions'
  • A tiny human running in terror sprite
  • Diffuse and emissive textures for my main character

 These were made for a very specific game, so I'm not sure if anyone else will find any use for these, but if you do go wild! Despite the ghetto appearance of my road and floor textures, they do actually tile perfectly, so might be suitable for a cartoonish style of game.