Tree bark (dark to light) 4096x2048 - treebark1-source.jpg

Tree bark (dark to light) 4096x2048 - treebark1-source.jpg

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Texture Dimensions: 
treebark1-source.jpg treebark1-source.jpg 710.1 Kb [750 download(s)]
Texture Pack Description: 

I am experimenting with replacements for Lugaru content and this tree bark texture is one of the things I cam up with.

It is based on two public domain textures:

Bark rind tree plant

which I don't even remember taking and

Tree Bark by AnnaleeBlysse

by AnnaleeBlysse.

Both .jpgs are included below.

The xcf (xcfbz2) contains two layers, by changing the slider of the transparency of the top layer, you can create different effects.