Wall, grass, rock, stone, wood and dirt (480) - large stone wall.png

Wall, grass, rock, stone, wood and dirt (480) - large stone wall.png

(Submitted by qubodup)
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These textures were released for Summoning Wars, in this thread. They are mostly 480x480 in dimensions. All .png.

"I have a whole bunch of textures that I created recently when I was playing around with a lowpoly 3D editor called DeleD CE. Some were made from public domain photos and some from photos I've taken myself. They're all seamless and consist of various materials, i.e. stone walls, different kinds of stone paving, wood, rocks, grass, dirt, sand etc."

"One thing though, they have slightly unorthodox dimensions: 480x480. This is because some of the photos I used were 640x480 and I decided to make all of them this size for simplicity's sake."

"Not all of these textures are tileable along both axes, some are just X axis and some just Y axis. It should be ovbvious which are meant to be tiled in only one direction, but if there's some texture that looks like it's supposed to be completely seamless but it isn't, I've probably missed it. Let me know and I'll fix it ASAP."

"Let me know if there's anything in particular you're looking for. Making textures is fun and I have quite a bit of raw footage I can use."

"These textures are to be considered public domain, no strings attached, do-whatever-the-heck-you-want-with-them. I'm just happy that someone might find them useful."