Player Flags - playerflags_by_ lfagames.bmp

Player Flags - playerflags_by_ lfagames.bmp

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playerflags_by_ lfagames.bmp playerflags_by_ lfagames.bmp 200.6 Kb [716 download(s)]
Texture Pack Description: 

These are 192 player identifier flags meant to be used in a chat area or over a player.

Basically the idea was to make assets that could be used like the team flags in Worms Armageddon as shown below, and that can be used by players and clans for identification or enemy identification.


I post these here to maybe inspire other devs who could use them too to share theirs and then we could all share them together and have a huge open source collection :D

i certainly wish i had more of these!




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