The Sun - sun.png

The Sun - sun.png

(Submitted by LFA)
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This is a composite I made out of data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory of today's sun (6/22/2010).

Versions are provided at 2048 x 2048

Aside from the .png versions, I included a .psd that contains the raw images from the SDO so you can make your own composite.  I left the serial codes of the images in, in case someone wanted to add more layers they could find more matching sun images.

The source images are from NASA so they are public domain.

You can use my composite as public domain as well.  enjoy!   ^_^


Final credit for these images goes to NASA and the SDO team, since they launched a satellite into space to get these the data...  I just spent a 1 hour on the composite of their data to make it prettier lol. - LFA