30 Authentic Medieval (or at least Old) Paintings - painting-13.jpg

30 Authentic Medieval (or at least Old) Paintings - painting-13.jpg

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This is a series of historical art pieces i’ve adpated for use as wall-hanging paintings in a more-or-less medival setting.  Well-known originals were avoided to maximize the applicability of the paintings to various Medieval-ish settings.


Historical, public domain art was cropped, and sometimes, colored, textured, or otherwise adjusted to look like a painting in game.  

The orginal purpose was to create textures for 3D models, thus each image includes a wood texture that can be used to build the frame. But addaptation to a purely 2D purpose should be easy. Some are a matched pair of horizontal paintings.

Each file is 512x512.


All images are public domain in the United States, and most other Countries.

What i’ve taken and modified from the public domain, i release into the public domain.


Included is a list of the source of all the images for the curious, or those that wish to investigate.