Street Lines - 2ln_crnw_ne_g.png

Street Lines - 2ln_crnw_ne_g.png

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Texture Dimensions: 
2ln_crnw_ne_g.png 2ln_crnw_ne_g.png 113.8 Kb [689 download(s)]
Texture Pack Description: 

A set of street lines that can be layered over the top of any asphalt texture to create street textures. There are horizontal lines, turns, crosswalks (zebra stripes), parking spaces and even a bus stop.

The preview image shows the files in this package overlayed over an asphalt texture. The asphalt texture is not included.

All files are provided in PNG format and were made for UFO: Alien Invasion.

Texture Attribution Info: 
As of 2013-08-18, I have relicensed this file under the public domain. Credit is always appreciated, but unlimited use of this file is permitted.