50+ Modern Weapon Textures (UFO:AI) - bolterrifle2.png

50+ Modern Weapon Textures (UFO:AI) - bolterrifle2.png

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Texture Pack Description: 

These textures were originally created for UFO:AI, they are based off the work of Lukas "Rastaman" Beyeler who released his textures under GPL2 as I am doing. The original skins and the models they are for are available from the UFO:AI project under GPL2 licencing.

All the .md2 model files and the original source textures are here:

This Weapon pack is designed to work with this armor Pack:


The general idea of this pack is to make the existing weapons look a bit more used, like they have been in combat a few times already.
Originally I was working on various stages of use for the weapons and ammo, however by the end I just did alternate textures instead.
This pack contains:

Assault rifle: 9 weapons textures and 6 ammo textures

Autocannon: 6 Textures

Boltrifle: 6 Textures and 6 Ammo Textures

Flamer: 6 textures and 6 ammo textures

Kerrblade (alien sword): 4 textures

Laserrifle: 4 textures

Pistol: 3 textures

Plasma Blaster: 4 Textures

Plasma Pistol: 5 Textures

RPG: 4 Textures

Shotgun: 3 textures

Sniper Rifle: 3 Textures