117 Stone Wall Tilable Textures in 8 Themes - Tileable9k.png

117 Stone Wall Tilable Textures in 8 Themes - Tileable9k.png

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Texture Pack Description: 

This pack contains 117 stone wall and floor textures. The textures are divided into 8 themes, with each theme having at least 10 textures. The eight themes are:

Cave(16): Dark brown and red, like a deep cave or a magma chamber

City(22): Grey, a bustling city still in use.

Desert(11): Yellow, a town beset by sand.

Ice(16): Light Blue, an ice cave or an alpine fortress

Jungle(18): Green, moss covered jungle fortress, or undersea ruins

Ruins(11): Dirty Brown, like an abandoned castle or a bandits lair.

Temple(10): White, like well cleaned floors (these are the original tileable version of the source images).

Torture(13): Red, splattered with blood, like a torture chamber or a monster's lair.

Each of the texture is numbered according to the source image it came from, each of the source images came from burningwell.org under creative commons and the attribution is listed below:

1 titus tscharntke stone_rock_texture_TT7010032
2 titus tscharntke stone_rock_texture_TT7010075
3 titus tscharntke TT7001552
4 titus tscharntke TT7001556
5 titus tscharntke dscf0846
6 Georges Grondin  brick722
7 titus tscharntke TT7040504
8 Guest P1170645
9 titus tscharntke dscf1764
10 titus tscharntke dscf1764

Each number also has a coresponding normal map which can be found in normals.zip, the settings used for these normal maps is 0-100 with height encoded in the alpha channel to allow for parallax mapping.


Each of these textures is 1024x1024 and has had its colour palette optomized, these images were all made in Gimp 2.6 on Ubuntu 10.10, Free images made from free images in a free program on a free operating system for a free site offering free art to free games. I feel free!! 


As always, if you use these I'd love to know, its not mandatory, but its always good to see your work in the wild.