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Top 2012 OpenGameArt Submissions by Favorites

Top 2012 Video Thumbnail

Video: OpenGameArt 2012 Top Game Art Asset Favorites

To digitally celebrate the beginning of a new Georgian calendar year, we have compiled a short video to show of OpenGameArt's top favorited 2d, 3d, texture, music and sound effect contributions that were added in 2012.

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Programming Month for Liberated Pixel Cup

From the LPC Blog:

I'm happy to say that the art competition has wrapped up beautifully. And that also means: the code phase of the competition has begun! Coders, start your engines.

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Liberated Pixel Cup has launched

Just making sure you know about our June game art contest.

Please read the full announcement and join us in the official forums.


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Gradient (Blend Sky): Bad for 3D Model's Backgrounds

I have zero 3d model-making skills but I do moderate content on OpenGameArt.org contributions and stalk Blendswap submissions, which allowed me to notice the following: Gradients are bad for previews. Just take a look:

 Blend (Gradient) PNG

Above is a png (lossless, 173K) render with gradient ("blend sky" in Blender terms) background.