A project I am working on using FLARE

A project I am working on using FLARE

Hi, I am a CG Artist using FLARE to create a game. It is rather ambitious, I hope to make the graphics reminiscent of a PS1 era JRPG.

I am focusing on art asset creation and am currently partway through creating my own custom 'town' tileset. However, I cannot find any clear guides on how to convert the .TMX file into the format FLARE reads. I would like to be able to do that to test the map in-game. What are the steps?

Here are some work in progress: 



Town WIP and tileset


 Screenshot Mockups with UI:



I hope to use this thread to share my progress on this personal project. Currently my milestones are:

- Main Character (Done)

- 1 Environment (30%)

- UI graphics (50%)

- All running in the game engine itself (This is where I need some help in figuring out)