[LPC] Curly Hair, Elven Ears, White Cape with blue trim, and more!

[LPC] Curly Hair, Elven Ears, White Cape with blue trim, and more!


Awesome contributions to the Universal LPC Spritesheet by David Conway Jr. (aka JaidynReiman, jrconway3) includes curly hair, elven ears, white cape with blue trim, and more!

The files attached are just a small sample of his contributions. See his Github repo.

See also the LPC online character generator.


This submission contains:

1. Curly Hair + Braid (modification)

2. Elven Ears (corrected positioning)

3. Orc (corrected positioning)

4. Sleeveless Tunic

5. Sleeveless Tank Top

6. Trimmed Cape

7. Cape Neck Strap

8. Cape Neck Clip


UPDATE 12/8/2022: OGA-BY license added.

Visit JaidynReiman's twitch channel and youtube channel too!

Attribution Instructions: 
See authors here: https://github.com/jrconway3/Universal-LPC-spritesheet/blob/master/AUTHORS.txt
ruby-red.png ruby-red.png 29.1 Kb [2020 download(s)]
elvenears_light.png elvenears_light.png 6.4 Kb [1572 download(s)]
red_orc.png red_orc.png 88.5 Kb [1451 download(s)]
teal_tunic.png teal_tunic.png 20.8 Kb [1274 download(s)]
cape_white.png cape_white.png 17.3 Kb [1263 download(s)]
trimcape_whiteblue.png trimcape_whiteblue.png 17.2 Kb [1196 download(s)]
capeclip_blue.png capeclip_blue.png 10.5 Kb [1181 download(s)]
capetie_white.png capetie_white.png 11.7 Kb [1190 download(s)]
maroon_sleeveless.png maroon_sleeveless.png 15.8 Kb [1477 download(s)]