Can I post this WMC art from prorietary games?

Can I post this WMC art from prorietary games?

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So for fun I've been browsing video game media on Wikimedia Commons -- WMC only allows free works to be uploaded and is pretty strict and serious about verifying their free status. And I am finding some real juicy stuff. For example this trailer for a Warner Bros game has been released under CC-BY-SA:

Which means I can happily just rip nice professional 3D renderings of Bugs Bunny, Batman, Superman and other million dollar characters and post them here on OGA for anyone to use, they are free culture now. You'd think it's some kind of troll upload or slip but there has already been a deletion request on that trailer, there was a discussion and they figured out the trailer has really been released under CC-BY-SA by Warner Bros. So, can I post these characters? It's pretty funny, this would literally allow anyone to make commercial movies with these characters without paying any fees.

Besides this there is a myriad of other proprietary game screenshots/animations/videos like that (e.g. from which I can rip their assets and happily upload here. Under each such resource there is archived email evidence of the author confirming they allow reuse under CC-BY-SA. I assume some of these authors might get pretty angry and may have misunderstood the consequence of their decision, but legally we should be able to reuse these freely.

So should/can I do it? It would be pretty hilarious.