CC0 Licence Doubt

CC0 Licence Doubt

Hello everybody. I would like some help in understanding the logic behind the objects available here on the site where some artists make their projects available under CC0 license but prevent the objects from being resold. As far as I know, CC0 is a public domain license where whoever made it available under these terms has waived all copyrights to that work.


Some time ago I downloaded a content pack here on the site, made some changes and made it available on my site for free. But as I made several improvements to the files I intended to commercialize the objects in the future. I accessed the creator's website and there I came across the following message in its objects:


No, you can't do that


I contacted the breeder but so far I have had no response. I could be wrong, but I don't know if there is any logic in making your works available under a CC0 license and preventing people from reselling the objects that you gave up copyright.


Content pack in question: