Progress pic thread! (Show us what you're working on!)

Progress pic thread! (Show us what you're working on!)


In the spirit of free and open collaboration, I thought we needed a place to show off what we're working on (and get criticisms hopefully)!

I decided to go with a Horror-theme myself, and start working on art assets inspired from different horror games, film and stories. While it could have trouble fitting in with the original art set, I like horror too much. And there aren't many libre Horror-focussed stuff, and even say, an RPG could hypothetically use bits of for more gothic/demonic areas.

First off I made a chain-link tile-set, inspired from the chain-link floors in Silent Hill.

While I like it, it's a bit too detailed for the rest of the art set. However I still have the xcf, so the noise etc can be fairly easily removed. (I'll find a place to upload the xcf)

Next I decided to start work on an animation inspired from the Jacob's Ladder head shake effect.

For those who don't know Jacob's Ladder (WARNING! YOU MAY FIND THIS DISTURBING!):

Also have an xcf, I'll get to finding places to upload them.

Comments/Criticism welcome! Or just post your own stuff!