YOAS - progress thread

YOAS - progress thread

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Have created a live demo here, feel free to have a look:





Haven't set up a public repository yet, but I've got some screenshots...

These newspapers are generated randomly using javascript + HTML5 + CSS3.

The headlines will/may have some relevance to the gameplay.

Also discovered that Firefox and IE do not implement the parts of CSS3 that allow you to do this,

so this is going to be a Chrome/Chromium only game. Oh well.


Headlines are defined like this:

[person] caught stealing [stolen thing]

Each of the 'key words' then maps to a list of possible values.

[person] "guard,granny,knight,mage,plucky youth" etc.

[stolen thing] "apple,relic,pig,necklace" etc.


Feel free to suggest some more random (absurd) headlines :D 


newspaper.png newspaper.png 89.3 Kb [51 download(s)]
newspaper2.png newspaper2.png 86.7 Kb [9 download(s)]