AfterImage is a story-driven adventure game made in the style of SNES-era RPGs such as Chrono Trigger and Illusion of Gaia. Gameplay involves movement using the WASD keys and interacting with objects with SPACE. There are several hand-crafted maps to explore, with puzzles that require the use of a surprise game mechanic to complete. We decided to focus on the game's atmosphere and storytelling rather than developing complex game mechanics, which ultimately resulted in less content and variety in gameplay. However, as our testers can attribute, short and sweet works very well for AfterImage. We hope you'll agree!

This game is purely Javascript/HTML5, rendered in the DOM. We used CraftyJS for our engine, which is still at a fairly immature state of development and had numerous issues that slowed down development. We had to make several modifications to 0.49 to make it work for us. Map creation was done through Tiled, and the maps themselves are saved as JSON objects that are imported via a heavily-adapted script released as a component for CraftyJS.

There are two of us on the team: Piers (me) and Joel. We are both employed full-time as developers, and have shared an interest in game development since we studied together in college. 6 years later, AfterImage will be our first actual game.

We actually did not find out about the LPC until a few days into July, and the contest had already been going on for a week before we started developing. Weekends and those precious few hours after work have given us approximately 80-90 150-160 hours of development time between us.

EDIT: Here is the link to the submitted files:

EDIT 2: REVENGE OF THE EDIT: Here is the link to our updated, bug-fix-only version as of 8/6:

EDIT 3: SPAWN OF THE EDIT: Nushio was awesome and hosted AfterImage 1.1 (not our official entry) on his server: Thanks Nushio!