[IMPORTANT] Game Build Results 29/48

[IMPORTANT] Game Build Results 29/48

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Check out below the build results for your game, if you see it on the list as not working and it does build (the version submitted for the LPC) please let me know


It is HIGHLY recomended you download the vm and test your game to be sure it is working properly I am only testing that it runs


Build was done on Ubuntu 12.04

gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) 4.6.3

Linux lpc-VirtualBox 3.2.0-27-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 6 14:25:57 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

http://opengameart.org/lpc-ubuntu.7z Is the link for the VM as of 8/4/2012 @ 1AM.

Current Stats, 29/48 Work

Alchemist Game = Wont Run Properly
AfterImage = Works, game is at scripts/AfterImage.htm
Archer Man = Works, run with ruby not ./ README is wrong
Artificers Quest = Works
Big Island = Works
BitBrawl = Works
Blob Mobs = Skipped for now...
Blood Moon = No idea how to compile it
Bright Flame Tactics = Doesnt work on Linux
Castle Defense = Works
Chickenpix = error on libz during compile
Concave = Works
CrosswordMaze = Works
Defeat of the AncientOne = Works
Dungeon Tactics = bash: ./configure: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter
Farm Taken Over = Works
Forge = Broken when running
GameApi = Compile Error
GNU VS Rotten Tomatoes = Needs libconfig 9
IndirectAssassin = Works
Laurelias Polymorphable Citizens = Works
Learn2D = Looks annoying trying it later
Lurking Patrol Comrades = Works
Monk Story = Works (Slow to load)
Murderous Manor = Gotta build Allegro
Neverwell Moor = Works
Obok and Gossip = Works
OpenGOO = QT4 Opengl huh?
Pioneer = Black in firefox
Pixel Quest = Works
Rainys Untitled Game = Works, VM HAS ISSUE RUN LOCALLY!
Slime Attack = Works
Solitude = Works
Song of Blood = Dunno how to run it
Sorcerers Garden = Works
Tales of Gydia = bash make.sh broken
Terramancers = Works
The Liberate Pixil Cup Quest = Works
The Longest Road = useless readme no idea how to compile
Traps and Treasures = build 3rd party libs real fun ill do it later
Trouble in Libreland = Works
Unsealed Whispers = Works
Villages = compile errors
Volley Zombie = Works
Wander = requires some 3rd party libs
Worlds Crapiest Hero = Works
Ye Olde Adventure Shoppe = Works
Zombie Lord = Works run with java -cp bin:libs/*:../ZombieLord/libs/* com.talas777.ZombieLord.Main


NOTE: Seems that the java games have issues in the vm, recomended to not play them in the vm.