Tile Set improvements

Tile Set improvements

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Flare has three main tile sets right now:

  • Dungeon
  • Caves
  • Grassland

We are going to polish up these three sets before we start making final maps for Flare.

What can we add to these tile sets to make them more flexible?


  • I'm looking for tile ideas that add polish and make the sets more flexible
  • I'm not making new tile sets at this scale. These 3 are enough for the first game. Any completely new sets I work on will be for the next game.
  • The more flex/polish for the least amount of work, the better
  • Animated tiles are now supported.
  • Think about new map areas that could be created if we only had the tiles. E.g. if we use the dungeons for a castle interior, we could use tables and chairs.