Ultimate Mod

Ultimate Mod

Good Evening I'm New Forum for heating Today I'm Talking About 2 Mods What I Did Not I will Post To Download Now

I'm Aque To Take Place opnion To Mod or Modify More stuff!


The ultimate Mod Contains!

Max lvl 99

New Monster edited

Edited New Items


Phisical max 50

Mental Max 50

Offense Max 50

Defense max 50


Max HP 5k

HP Regen 3k

Max MP 5k

MP Regen 3K

"Accuracy (Vs Lvl 1) Max 5000%

(vs Lvl 5) 5000%

(vs lvl1) 3000% "

Melee damage Max Between 20000-20003



From my opnion there to add the Ultimate Mod


My Goal and Flare Leaves More Chic And Cool For Player


thank you


"I'm a programmer in Delphi 7"


"I'm Scripter De Games"


By Igor Junior