[WIP] Simple broad-purpose tileset

[WIP] Simple broad-purpose tileset

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CC0 simple broad purpose old-school tileset.

Intended to be flexible and general enough for use in a variety of simple single-layer, typically black-backgrounded tile-based games, often with with per-tile movement, both top-down and side-view. eg. Rogue-likes, Boulder Dash, Chip's Challenge, Paganitzu, Lode Runner, etc.


  • Released under CC0 1.0 Universal.
  • 16 x 16 pixel tile-size.
  • Minimal effective colours per tile.
  • Little or no dithering and anti-aliasing.
  • Minimal shading, favoring solid colours.
  • No fixed theme. Can include elements of fantasy, sci-fi, realism, etc.
  • Little or no connective/transitive construction. Do not do with many tiles what may be done with one.
  • Minimal animation. Do not do with eight frames what may be done with two.

Using Arne's 16 colour palette.

For starters:

Many of these need simplification/cleaning.

Contributions, suggestions snd requests welcome so long as they fit within the specifications and of course must be CC0.

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