Support the Rythos RPG Builder kickstarter!

Support the Rythos RPG Builder kickstarter!

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Update: The link to the kickstarter campaign was broken.  I fixed it.

I just want to draw everyone's attention to the Rythos RPG Builder kickstarter campaign.  The description, from the campaign itself:

Rhythos RPG Builder is a free and open source game editor inspired by RPG Maker, and based off of Rhythos Arcade BETA, an action/rhythm battle game I released at the end of April that can be played here: or on newgrounds here: . My goal is to create a full-featured, easy to use editor that can customize and create full RPGs on top of the Rhythos battle engine and export games to a variety of platforms, such as Flash, HTML5, Native Executables (PC, Mac, Linux) and potentially many more. Rhythos is being designed with extendability in mind, so it will be easy for the community to improve the editor, allowing it to evolve along with it's user base. It will be accessible for those who want to start their game development career, but also flexible enough for experienced game developers to take advantage of.

Astute observers will notice that they're making use of the LPC sprites and tiles. :)

At any rate, it looks like an awesome project, so I encourage you to stop by and give them your support!