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Support the Kenney Land project!

Hey folks!

OGA contributor Kenney (creator of perhaps the most popular free 2D asset packs on the internet today) is putting together a physical venue for game development, which you can read about on his IndieGogo page, here:

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Upcoming additions and changes


As we approach the next funding goal, I've been doing some work under the hood and making some plans for some more features and additions.  There are also a couple of notifications and reminders for the community that I'll touch on at the end of this post.

Improved Searching

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OGA Pixel Art Tutorial Part 3: The Basics

In this video, I go over some basic tips for improving your art, and also for making the best art possible with your current skill level.  I do two pixel art demonstrations with the same subject (a vase I rendered in Blender), one of a simple shape with an outline, and two using solid blocks of color to demonstrate how to give an object a sense of volume with light and shadow.

The forum thread for this tutorial is here:

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Kenney's CC0 donation assets available for free today (April 18th) only

Just a heads up, since a lot of people might be interested in this:

Today only, Kenney's complete CC0 asset pack (normally available only to donors) can be downloaded from his site for free:


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OGA Pixel Art Tutorial parts 1 & 2: Choosing a pixel editor, and configuring your Krita workspace for Krita art.

Spoiler:  My favorite program from Part 1 is Krita, although I cover a number of editors, and you don't need to be using Krita to follow along with later videos.   You can safely skip the second video if you're not interested in Krita, although I'd recommend checking it out.  :)

Tutorial forum threads:

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Promising python-based free/open source pixel art editor needs contributor/maintainer

There's a free/open source pixel editor (aptly named "pixeditor") written in Python that could use a new maintainer.  You can see an old forum thread about it here.

It's stable and usable as it is, and has (in my opinion) about the most intuitive animation support that I've seen in any pixel editing program, but it's still in need of some more features.

Here's a relatively recent screenshot.  Notice the animation timeline.

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Feature Tour: Collections

A short video explaining how to use the collections feature and automatically generate credits files here on OGA.

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Video tutorial: Avoiding repetitive textures

This is the first tutorial for OGA's new YouTube channel.  I've also posted it to the Tutorials forum.

Also, as an aside, we have a couple of new features:

  • It's now possible to add a youtube video to forum posts.  Other video sites (Vimeo, etc) may be added if there's demand.
  • I added the share icons to forum posts.  Should have thought to do that earlier. :)



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Facebook to acquire for, like, a gazillion dollars is excited to announce that as of April 1, 2014, we have been acquired by Facebook!

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Help me find UI issues on OGA

Hey folks.  Since I'm kind of on a roll, I thought it might be a good time to try and address UI issues on OGA.  If anything looks bad, doesn't work, or needs to be reorganized in some way, reply to this and let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.

Note that there are a few things that I can't/won't be dealing with in the near future: