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Support the Rythos RPG Builder kickstarter!

Update: The link to the kickstarter campaign was broken.  I fixed it.

I just want to draw everyone's attention to the Rythos RPG Builder kickstarter campaign.  The description, from the campaign itself:

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Check out Heroine Dusk

Hey Folks!

Lead Flare developer and OGA contributor Clint Bellanger has just completed his April OneGameAMonth project, Heroine Dusk.  Heroine Dusk is a fun, casual, retro first-person dungeon romp with about an hour of gameplay.  Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea of what it's all about:

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If I could work on OGA full-time, what would people want me to code (or do)?

Once my current project is over, I'd like to start looking into ways to fund work on OGA as a full-time job, which will require several thousand US dollars per month (I've got a baby on the way, so I need to be working for more than subsistence wages in order for this to go over okay with my wife).  There are a lot of feature requests and bugfixes that have been pushed to some indefinite point in the future that I call "when I have time," many of which you can see in the feedback forum.

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OGA to Purchase, Monetize Battle for Wesnoth

We here at OGA are pleased to announce that, in response to incredible user demand, we will be purchasing the rights to the popular FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) game Battle for Wesnoth in order to address the frequent user complaint that Wesnoth is insufficiently monetized.

Users are already very excited about this development.

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Voluntary Copyright Expiration

Many of us who are involved in the discussion about copyright would like to see copyright law in America as it was back in the early 1800s, shortly after the founding of the United States.  The shorthand for this is the "founder's copyright", and it's a counterpoint to the media cartels stretching copyright 70+ years out past the death of the original author so they can keep people paying for what is clearly our shared culture at this point (for instance, Winnie the Pooh, and the song Happy Birthday).

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Let's put away the forks and dongles and talk this over like civilized people.

An opening note:  This blog entry isn't directly related to art or gaming, but I think someone needs to take a stand for the middle ground, and I have this soapbox here.  Apologies to many of you who didn't come here to read this stuff.  Feel free to ignore it as you see fit.

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LPC Code results announced!

The full announcement can be found here:


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Advertising test results.

We've been running test advertisements for a little over a month in order to collect advertising statistics, and I thought I'd share some highlights from the results, as a matter of interest.  First, some general notes:

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Help fund a native Linux port of the Torque3D engine and editor.

The makers of the recently MIT licensed Torque3D engine are currently raising money on IndieGogo to do a complete Linux port of the game engine and associated tools (including the editor).  This would be a tremendous boon for the Linux gaming community (particularly game developers), so I'd strongly encourage everyone to head over there and donate a few currency units to help them reach their funding goal. :)

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Apologies for the intermittent downtime...

Due to some server issues, the site's been down a lot over the last few days.  We're working on the problem, and we apologize for the inconvenience.  Don't worry, OGA is not going anywhere. :)